Minimise loss now! Protect your business with Key Person Insurance.


At Verdure Financial, we specialize in all types of Superannuation products and rollover procedures.


We Specialize in Business Succession and we offer the most appropriate insurance products and risk management solutions to our business clients.


It is important that your professional advisers work together to provide a holistic solution for you.

The Case for Professional Financial Advice!

Measuring the Intangible

All of this means that it’s harder than ever for clients to quantify the value of the advice they receive. Investment performance is relatively objective: clients are, generally, seeking better risk-adjusted returns. Performance can be measured, tracked over time, and benchmarked.

Simplifying a Financial Life

The advisory profession centers on the question of net worth, which is simple to quantify. But the best advisors are also able to help their clients improve their life worth over the course of their relationship.

Providing Perspective

The best advisors provide their clients with a perspective they might otherwise lack, even in noninvestment decisions. Stressful crossroads, such as whether or not to switch careers, are easier to navigate when clients understand the financial implications of their decisions.

Key Person Insurance

  • Maintains profitability, workflow and remove risk.
  • Security for employees.
  • Allows Business to continue running without hiccups.
  • Provides funds to train and hire new, experienced staff.
  • Placed in superannuation to make the premiums tax deductible.

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Here at VFPS, we have all of your financial needs covered. As a leading provider of life insurance online, we can make sure that your loved ones are adequately taken care of should the worst happen. In addition to being able to provide life insurance quotes online, we also offer a range of comprehensive financial planning services including retirement financial planning, assisting with your self-managed superannuation fund as well as any other personal financial planning requirements.

We are a registered life insurance broker and SMSF expert, making us ideally positioned to give you the best possible advice regarding your self-managed super fund in Australia along with personal insurance. We have several years experience in the industry, so can competently discuss your needs and talk through all the available options. All of our term life insurance quotes are available online with details about how we can assist you with your self-managed super fund online.

When it comes to personal life insurance, you need trusted financial planning advice either in person or from a reputable online financial planner. Independent help from an expert who takes into account your circumstances is vital. There are many life insurance brokers offering life insurance online, but they have little experience and no knowledge about your situation. At VFPS, we take the time to get to understand our clients’ even when they are browsing for life insurance quotes online.

 When you get term life insurance quotes online, they can all look very similar unless you read the small print and the intricacies. Even if you are knowledgeable in the field, the terminology can be confusing. We take all that confusion away, explaining the key points and giving you the information that you need to make an informed choice. The self-managed super fund in Australia is central to your long-term financial planning and decisions that you make now can impact on your retirement financial planning. Our financial planning services can help you to make the right decisions regarding your future.

If you would like to discuss your self-managed superannuation fund, personal life insurance, personal insurance or would just like reassurance from an SMSF expert, then we are the team that you can trust. Regardless of if you are experienced in the world of finance and just want to bounce a few ideas off someone, or if you are a complete novice, we can point you in the right direction. You will find our team friendly, knowledgeable and understanding and will never put you under any pressure to make a decision. Your long-term financial interests are what we look after hoping to build a lasting professional relationship.If you would like more information about personal financial planning or your self-managed super fund online then you can call us on 0434 569 071 or email us at, alternatively you can contact us directly via our website. As an online financial planner, we look forward to hearing from you and addressing all your personal life insurance needs.