Have you considered what happens to your business if you can no longer pay your bills?

There is a solution! Business expense insurance covers the ongoing expenses of your business and ensures your financial obligations continue to be met in your absence.


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We are a busy and growing start-up law firm and it was essential that our key partners were protected. Without these key persons our business would not be able to continue to exist. The Verdure team really delivered with what we needed providing a personal approach and tailoring their solution to fit in with our business model. Well done!

Harriet, Managing Partner, Start-up Law firm

How would your business sustain itself if you were not there to pay your bills?

Have you ever considered what would happen if you were unable to meet your ongoing business expense obligations? Often, business owners hesitate to take a single day off simply because the business cannot afford it. What if the business owner has an illness or injury that required them to rest for some time? For small business in particular, this could have grave implications:

  • You may no longer be able to pay staff salaries
  • You may be late on paying rent on your premises
  • Phone, gas and electricity bills might not get paid on time
  • Leasing expenses for equipment and vehicles may remain unpaid
  • Repairs and maintenance might not take place as it can no longer be afforded
  • Loss of morale amongst staff as you may be the one holding the team together
  • Loss of clients
  • Loss in profits is highly likely as the business’ key person is not available

Zero loss of productivity: Protect your business and your staff today with business expense insurance.

The answer is simple. Business expense insurance. Business Expenses insurance is a type of cover that ensures your ongoing business expenses for which you as the business owner are responsible can be met should you be temporarily unable to work due to injury or illness. Business Expenses insurance generally reimburses you for certain regular business expenses such as

  • Rent for business premises

  • Utilities such as gas, water, internet and electricity

  • It can provide the funds to purchase the stock belonging to the deceased/disabled shareholder.
  • Lease costs for equipment

  • Help cover your fixed business costs and keep your business afloat while you are recuperating.

When most people think of insurance they think of protecting valuables.


Home insurance – because I must protect my valuables and contents. Car insurance – because I need protection in case of an accident.  Life insurance – because I want to make sure my family’s lifestyle is protected if I am not around. All of these insurances are important to our personal lives but what about protecting the life of your business? A business owner, who has financial obligations to meet on a daily basis, needs to think about more than that and should consider business expense insurance.

As the name suggests, business expense insurance pays a monthly benefit – generally for a maximum of 12 months – to cover ongoing business costs if you (as a business owner) suffer an illness or injury and are unable to work. You can choose a waiting periods of between 14 and 90 days, after which the business expense insurance benefit becomes payable. A shorter waiting period usually means a higher premium.

If you’re worried about your business and its reliance on key employees you need us. We are available to help you insure your key personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Verdure Financial Planning Solutions?

Business expense insurance is similar to income protection insurance, but is designed specifically for business owners who want to protect the ongoing expenses incurred in running a small business such as a law firm, GP practice or cafe. At Verdure Financial Planning Solutions we pride ourselves as being thought leaders in this area of insurance. 

With over thirteen years of industry experience and a passion to help small business succeed, Katriel Warlow-Shill and the team at Verdure Financial Planning Solutions are able to assist you in finding the most suitable business expense insurance policy. We understand how important your business is to you! You have worked hard to establish your business, let’s talk about protecting it from unforeseen events! Verdure Financial Planning Solutions have the skills and expertise necessary to insure your business before unforeseen events happen.

Commonly small businesses experience a sharp drop in profits and staff morale when the key business owner or manager is not able to keep up the momentum and produce sales due to illness or injury. Verdure Financial Planning Solutions can help ease the pressure that arises at this critical time with one of our tailored business insurance solutions. It’s because the world does not stop when you are out of action! While your revenue decreases, your business must still cover overhead expenses such as wages, rent and leases. With the help of our friendly and experienced team, your business expense insurance policy safeguards your business against your absence at work.

The question every business owner should be asking themselves is not whether to have business expense insurance or not, but rather how much to have. Verdure Financial Planning Solutions can help you, as the business owner determine how much business expense insurance to have. The right amount of business expenses insurance depends on a range of factors. For example, to what extent would the business owner’s absence affect their ability to meet expenses? What are their specific ongoing expenses?

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How Verdure Financial Planning Solutions can help you

We strongly believe that everyone should protect their business, especially if you worked hard to build it. Verdure Financial Planning Solutions chance to insure your business’ continuity should illness or injury prevent you from attending to it for a prolonged period and cause delays in your business’ daily operations.

Business expense insurance can be particularly useful for:

  • small business with high fixed overhead costs

  • Businesses with ongoing business commitments

  • Businesses that are dependent on the income generated by a single or small number of operators


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Need business expense insurance but not sure how much it costs?

We understand that for each business, especially start-ups, every dollar matters. Therefore, we are committed to finding you the most suitable insurance option at the best price. We do not charge any fees for preparation, research, consultation or application. Just one of the many reasons to choose Verdure Financial Planning Solutions for all your insurance needs.There are plenty of benefits to business expense insurance, including the fact that premiums are tax-deductible, that up to 100% of your expenses can be covered, that premiums can be waived when you are on a claim, and that your cover automatically increases with the consumer price index.
But most importantly, the biggest benefit by far of implementing a tailored business expenses insurance solution through Verdure is the promise that the worry of your overhead costs is covered for the times you least need to worry more.

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Here is what our clients have to say:

The team at Verdure worked professionally and efficiently to make sure that my family is taken care of should something happen to me and I can no longer work. I was impressed by their knowledge and experience in the key person field!

Tony, Owner and founder of Large Restaurant Chain.

Now that my Board has taken out a key person insurance policy for me, I can rest easy knowing my family will be supported in my absence. Verdure managed to cover all bases so I am covered every way I turn.

David, Spiritual leader, Large community organisation.

Due to an unfortunate freak accident I am now classified as totally and permanently disabled with no prospect of returning to work! Thanks to the insurance solution Katriel and the Verdure team have implemented for me, I am now receiving over $19,000 in payments every month from a policy Verdure got for me. Thank you guys!

Grant, Proprietor and founder of international ergonomics assessment business

Since Rod and I are the two main salesmen and technicians we couldn’t imagine what would happen if one of us was unable to work for extended periods of time due to illness or injury. Key person insurance wasn’t even a want. It was a need! Thanks to Kat and the Verdure team for getting us the best solution to rest assured that should something happen to one of us, our business would continue to operate.

David, Partner, IT cloud based consulting firm

With the fast pace of the advertising industry, you never know what could happen. We needed to make sure our key personnel were well looked after, and that our business could continue to function profitably in their absence. The Verdure team implemented a solution that would take care of our costs, should a key person suddenly not be able to continue to work due to illness or injury

Jerome , Owner Advertising corporation

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