At Verdure Financial, we specialize in all types of Superannuation products and rollover procedures. Superannuation refers to the fund people set aside during their working years, dedicated to provide for their financial needs during retirement. It is a statutory requirement in Australia that employers pay a proportion of an employee’s salaries and wages into a dedicated superannuation fund. As of July 2013, this proportion is 9.25%. This is set to increase to 12% gradually from 2013. Calculated over the 35 years a person spends ordinarily working full time, this can amount to a substantial sums. With over 12 years of financial planning and accounting experience, we at Verdure Financial are ideally suited to ensure your retirement is secured by providing you with detailed retirement planning and superannuation investment options and advice.

Have you kept track of your Super? Have you held more than one job, changed name or done casual or part-time work? Then you may be one of many Australians who have lost Super. It is estimated that Australians have about $18.1 billion in lost Super. At Verdure Financial, we help find your lost Super, consolidate this into one account and invest your Super appropriately to ensure it meets your retirement needs.