1.How long do you intend to invest your savings?
    Parking (less than 1 year)Short term (1-2 years)Medium term (2-5 years)Medium-long term (5-7 years)Long term (more than 7 years)

    2.Will you need to access these funds during the term of the investment?

    3.Inflation erodes the value of your savings. Growth investing can counter the eroding effect of inflation but will also expose you to the risk of short-term losses.
    I am comfortable with this trade off to beat inflationI am conscious of the risks inflation presents, but prefer a middle groundInflation may erode my savings but I have no tolerance for loss

    4.Which of the following risk/return scenarios would you be most comfortable with?
    Low risk/return (maximum return 6% pa, minimum return 3% p.a.)Moderate risk/return (maximum return 8% pa, minimum return -5% p.a.)Above average risk/return (maximum return 12% pa, minimum return -10% p.a.)High risk/return (maximum return 20% pa, minimum return -25% p.a.)

    5.What would you do if your investment dropped in value from an initial $1,000 to $850?
    Move the entire invest investment to cashMove some of the investment to cashDo nothingBuy more of the investment

    6.What is the most aggressive investment you've ever made?
    Shares, technology fund, smaller companies fundManaged fundsInvestment propertyOwn homeCash management fund

    7.If you were investing in a share portfolio, which of the following would suit you best?
    A portfolio of potentially high-returning shares whose value could rise or fall dramaticallyA blue chip portfolio that pays regular dividendsA mixture of above two optionsI am not interested in shares

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